Backup and Test Weather Stations
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At MillbankPWS we have a completely independent weather station reporting, Temperature, Dewpoint, Humidity, Rain rate and totals, wind speed and direction and Pressure. This system is run from solar batteries and communicates through the MeteoBridge, MeteoPlug and MeteoMap with ‘Smart Embedded’ hardware and servers. It connects to the internet over 3G GPRS data packets.
This Weather Station is The Peet Bros (USA) Ultimeter 2100 with the Unimount Sensor Array. The Rain Gauge is the Ultimeter Pro witch
senses every one-thousandth inch of rain and reports each one-hundredth inch back to the ULTIMETER Weather Station.
This Weather Station is located at the same location in Munlocht as our other sensors, gauges and weather stations so, a direct comparison can be made and it is also calibrated against the physical instruments in our Stevenson Screen.
This backup system stores all weather data in the ‘cloud’ with no connection to our own servers. We went Live with this Professional Weather Station in October 2020.

The Climate Data for this Weather Station can be seen by clicking on the icon below. Click the date in the calendar and then choose the information format.
Live data
To compare our data with other weather stations and see our location, click below to link to MeteoMap then click on the station to see detailed weather information.
Backup Weather Station MillbankPWS