Munlochy PWS is a private, operational weather site uploading live weather data from three automatic digital weather station. Along with manual instruments the station is located adjacent to the ‘Old Mill’ in the centre of Munlochy Village on the Moray Firth Coast in the North of Scotland.

The station’s geographical location is: 57° 32’ 55” North – 4° 15’ 45” West. [OS Grid NH 64714 53221]
[OSGB36 57.549061, -4.260864] [WGS84 57.548798, -4.262218]
UK Post Code Area IV8 8NL.
Station elevation = 18m (59ft) above msl.

The manual instruments which include a 5” traditional copper rain gauge, max/min thermometers, a hygrometer and a precision aneroid barometer are used for checking and educational purposes. In addition, there are three ground temperature probes inserted below a grass surface at 100mm, 300mm and 1000mm. These probes are electronic and connected to three data loggers. There are also fiver sky cams set at 90° (East), 0° (North), 270° (West), 180° (South) and 360°h x 180°v for remote viewing and recording conditions through rapid fire to our Main computer network and servers. Our automatic weather stations include the DAVIS VANTAGE PRO PLUS, WEATHERFLOW TEMPEST WEATHER SYSTEM, ECOWITT HP2553 + GW1000, NETATMO SMART WEATHER SYSTEM and the BLOOMSKY SKY2 = STORM all reporting, temperature, dew point, humidity, pressure, wind direction, wind speed, gusts, rain rate. We also have the Blake Larsen Sun recorder and a snow depth laser.

Although every care has been taken in preparing accurate local weather condition information, please do not rely on this information and no guarantees of accuracy are given.
A A A A 3 7 S
COL Station Grading system - 2008
Gold awards for submitting over 350 days of weather observations.
Station identifers:

Met Office WOW : 882856001

Weather Underground: IMUNLOCH2


1chip spot ID: 0199 Scotland UK
At Millbank PWS It is our working practice to produce all our own weather information, based on our sophisticated equipment, computers and software. This includes, direct weather satellite down links in real time from EUMETSAT
geostationary and NOAA polar orbiting satellites. We also produce our own daily weather forecast, updated five times a day. The hub at the centre of our system is powered by four computers running on an always on basis and mostly administered remotely.