Manual instruments are placed in an open grass field alongside the automatic digital weather station and are used for calibration checking and educational purposes. The hygrometer, the Max/Min thermometer and the barometer are housed in an instrument screen. Instruments on site include:
Weems & Plath precision aneroid barometer
Masons wet and dry bulb Hygrometer for measuring relative humidity
Metal min/max thermometer with black push button reset to view the night time minimum and the day time maximum temperatures.
Maplin Precision Gold N85FR Infrared Thermometer

Used to measure cloud base temperature
ClimeMET 5” Premium Copper Rain Gauge

Consists of a copper body and funnel with a calibrated plastic  measure.
Polycarbonate Rain Gauge

The REMEX rain gauge is moulded in polycarbonate which is renowned for its outstanding toughness. Overall 165mm capacity.