ClimeMET 5” professional Copper Rain Gauge
TFA Professional Metal Rain Gauge - 5"
Accurate Bluetooth Thermometer, Hygrometer and Dew Point Sensor with Data Logger
300mm wet and dry bulb thermometers calibrated with certification accredited/registered ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
WindMate WM-200 -Wind speed, wind direction, wind chill and temperature
Metal min/max thermometer with black push button reset to view the night time minimum and the day time maximum temperatures.
Weems & Plath precision aneroid barometer
At Millbank PWS we use a large number of manual instruments to calibrate and check all our automatic weather stations. The Thermometers (dry and wet bulbs), Anaroid Barometers, Hydrometer and temperature sensor have been factory checked and have certificates of calibration. Some instruments are placed in the field in a Stevenson screen next to the automatic weather stations.
Manual Instruments
Eco-celli lioquid filled Barometer, U-Shaped Tube: Length: 32.28 in., Width: 1.57 in., Thermometer Tube: 32.28 in., Thermometer Scale: 0 to 51 deg.C,
Professional calibrated hygrometer
Liquid filled ground thermometer -10°C to 50°C at 100mm to check ground probes
Precision Aneroid barometer
Precision Gold N85FR Infrared Thermometer Used to measure cloud base temperature