Manual instruments are placed in an open grass field alongside the automatic digital weather station and are used for calibration checking and educational purposes.

The hygrometer, the Max/Min thermometer and the barometer are housed in an instrument screen.

Instruments on site are powered by solar rechargeable batteries.

Millbank Private Weather Station is an automatic reporting Internet connected instrument array that uploads from data loggers via rapid fire to several websites including Wunderground, The Scottish Weather Network, Met Office WOW programme the PWS Weather Network as well as this site.
The Automatic Station runs 24/7/360 days and therefore is building up a record of the local climate. The Davis Vantage2 Pro Plus weather station  reports, Temperature, Dew Point, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Wind Chill, Heat Index, Cloud Base Height, Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Wind Distribution, Solar Radiation and UV.
The Data Logging, decoding and Reporting Software is Weather Display, WeatherLink and Meteobridge.
Curent conditions
Monthly records for each year are stored on our server. These are comprehensive and give a day by day account of weather conditions at Munlochy, Scotland.
Ground temperature probes
There are also three ground temperature probes under a grass surface set at 100mm, 300mm and 1 meter. They are attached to Elitech Temperature Data Loggers and the logs are posted here at the end of every month