The ‘BloomSky’ Weather Station is an American Device with an unusual twist when reporting current conditions as it has an internet connected camer. The built in camera is a semi-directional fisheye so it captures the sky in front of the device in an arc of 180°. The picture quality is amazingly good and each day can be replayed as a short video (10 minute frame rate). Apart from this unique feature the equipment also reports; Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure and UV (given in parts of /11). Add to this, notifications when it rains, predicted max and min temperatures for the current day and a web sourced 14-day forecast. 

Power to run the device is supplied by an internal rechargeable battery which is charged either from a mains 12v adapter or from an add on solar panel. To conserve energy the camera shuts down between dusk and dawn, which is a slight drawback as night skies are often more interesting than daytime.

BloomSky Weather Station
The equipment reports through a web browser (click here) or through an ios and Android app. Information is freely available to anyone and viewers can attach favourites to different stations. Initial setup should be simple if you have a straight forward 2.4GHz WiFi router. At Millbank PWS the weather station is 25 meters away from my house so WiFi equipment is attached using A TPLink outdoor wireless access point which took a little longer to configure.
BloomSkyn Storm 
The Storm addition to the BloomSky weather station was added to our  network in April 2017 after we invested in it’s design and production through Kickstart Crowed Funding. This add on device measures real-time UV, Rainfall, wind speed and direction.  Out of the box, this is a very well built piece of equipment and easy to set up